Dog Can’t Sleep Unless He’s ‘Burritoed’ In His Favorite Blanket

Valentin has lived with his family in Argentina since he was just a puppy, and over that time has grown very attached to them. His family makes him feel loved and safe, so the 13-year-old dog loves being around them as often as he possibly can.

“He is a very sweet and caring dog,” Juli Alexakis, Valentin’s mom, told The Dodo. “He loves being around people and getting cuddles from literally anyone. He knows our schedules and makes sure he is at the door to greet everyone.”

When Valentin was around 8 years old, his family got him some new blankets that quickly became his favorite possessions. He loved laying on top of them whenever he could, and so, as a joke, his family started rolling him up in the blankets like a burrito.

Valentin loved being wrapped up in his favorite blankets so much that he started falling asleep like that — and now, it’s become his nightly routine.

Every single night, Valentin’s family wraps him up in his blankets and tucks him into his bed, and he stays like that until he wakes up the next morning. He’s also started taking a stuffed animal to bed with him, too, so his family tucks the stuffed animal in right alongside him.

“He has only recently started sleeping with a stuffed animal,” Alexakis said. “We got him that orange fox toy two years ago on our trip to the U.S. and he is obsessed with it. When he is awake, he enjoys taking all his toys to the garden and chill[ing] under the sun with them.”

Valentin has to be tucked in every night or he can’t sleep — and ends up wandering into different family members’ rooms for comfort instead.

“Sometimes we forget, and in that case he comes upstairs and sleeps in one of our rooms or in my bed,” Alexakis said. “I think the blanket makes him feel safe, like a hug, so when he doesn’t have it he comes to us to feel safer.”

Valentin just wants to feel safe, warm and loved whenever he drifts off to sleep — and being tucked in is his favorite way of achieving that goal.


Dog Who’s Blind And Deaf FLIPS OUT When She Senses Her Dad Is Getting Home

Opal, an 8-month-old merle-coated dog, was adopted by Christina Bray and her husband, who found her through a rescue group in Idaho that works to rehome special needs dogs. As a result of improper breeding, Opal was born both blind and deaf.

That no doubt comes with certain challenges, but the dog’s loving spirit is what matters most.

Recently, Opal’s parents shared a video capturing that loving spirit firsthand. Though lacking sight and hearing, Opal still manages to sense what has become the best part of her day — the moment her dad gets home. And sure enough, she’s bursting with joy to greet him.

“She waits in the front yard and waits to either feel or smell his car,” Bray wrote online. “[I don’t know] how she can tell the difference, because neighbor cars pull up and she doesn’t care. She then smells him and goes crazy. It’s very sweet!”

Opal’s remaining senses, perhaps, are heightened due to those she lacks — but her heart is clearly elated by the people she loves most …

… and it’s fair to say the feeling is mutual.