Deaf Shelter Dog Shakes And Cries So Hard When Her Kennel-Mate Gets Adopted

When a shelter dog gets adopted, it’s surely a reason to celebrate. But occasionally, a story like this comes along and that celebration isn’t so simple.

A sweet, deaf Pit Bull, named Marshmallow, became best friends with her shelter roommate. Many shelters pair up dogs that get along and will bring each other comfort. Marshmallow and Scooby shared a kennel at Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas.

Their days, although uncertain and without a forever family, were spent together. The two dogs were still able to experience joy and love with one another. But then that all came to a bitter end when Scooby was adopted and Marshmallow was left behind.


“Marshmallow is crying and has been non stop since yesterday,” Unleashed Pet Rescue wrote on Facebook. “Her roommate and best friend Scooby was adopted, she is very confused and sad. What she needs is a forever home to heal her heart.”

Marshmallow had a rough start. She came to the shelter with Parvo. She was also malnourished and underweight. They also realized she’s deaf. Unleashed Pet Rescue made sure the deserving pup was well-cared for. But now that she’s healthy and ready for a forever family, she’s heartbroken. She was in such a good place being able to spend her days happy despite being in a shelter environment because she had Scooby.

Although Marshmallow had a terrible time, it was THANKFULLY short-lived. The sweet girl found her forever home after her story was shared on social media.

Oh wait, it gets even better! Scooby’s parents and Marshmallow’s parents planned a reunion! Rumor has it, they have playdates whenever possible!

The saddest moments for Marshmallow turned into a part of her past, for good! Watch the entire story in the video below that includes the dogs’ reunion. Aren’t happy endings the best?!



Dog Sees Boy Struggle With Piñata And Decides To Finish The Job Himself

That is, until someone a bit more convincing came along.

Footage of the incident, apparently taken at a child’s birthday party, shows a young boy unleashing a torrent of body blows upon the candy-filled figurine. Despite his best attempts, however, the kid simply couldn’t make Mario break.

All the while, looking on at the struggle, was an adorable yellow dog. Upon seeing the boy was evidently unable to complete the task at hand, he bravely stepped in to get the job done himself.

Here’s video of the canine hero in action:

As candy rained down like manna from heaven, there was no doubt among the assembled crowd just whom they had to thank for that. The piñata had been vanquished, and the day itself saved — all because of the helpful pup who refused to stand idly by and watch the boy struggle in vain.

We don’t deserve dogs.