Pit Bull Only Likes Country Music Has Millions In Laughter When Alexa Plays His Favorite Song

When someone loves a song and cannot get it out of their heads what you can do is give in to the temptation and belt it out or hum to it no matter where you are. It’s a great feeling to have! In times like this all you really have to do is enjoy the moment! Sing out loud and even throw in a few dance moves if your body can’t resist.

One particular dog named Tank is definitely doing the same whenever he hears his favorite song: he sings! And considering he’s a dog his vocals are amazing! And luckily his owner managed to capture his impromptu song number on camera!

In the footage, Tank, a Pitbull, can be seen chewing on a toy while sitting on the couch. In the background his owner plays an upbeat Cardi B song by telling Alexa to play a song. Upon hearing the song start to play the dog stops chewing his toy and starts moving his head from one direction to another as if confused or waiting for something else to play.


Knowing what exactly is making the dog uneasy, the person behind the camera called Alexa and told the virtual assistant to play Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”. Clearly Tank is not a fan of Cardi B and the first song his owner decides to play. But when his owner switches the song to country something unexpected happens. When the opening lines of the song start Tank did can’t resist and begins howling it out.

Tank can really sing! He may not be saying any words but he is absolutely rocking the song with his amazing howls. It is clear that the dog is in love with music and this song is particularly special. One moment he is chewing on a toy and the next moment he is singing his heart out.

It was such an adorable sight, not to mention quite unique too! Tank was even bopping slightly to the song and singing in sync to the melody. The footage is undoubtedly amusing and amazing!

As the song went on, Tank sang and sang and sang. He was obviously having fun and it surely showed because he just couldn’t stop singing. Seeing this lovely animal enjoying himself in the simple moments of hearing his favorite song being played reminds us that we should just take it easy and sing when we want to.

Tank’s amazing video surely won lots of hearts online, reaching almost a million views on YouTube and counting! It is going viral and people are loving this dog’s unique love for singing. Tank may look fierce and all, but when it comes to singing, this lovely animal transforms!


Tank’s fantastic footage is just what you need to feel better today!

Source: www.sharetap.it