Couple Serenade “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” To Baby Girl Capturing Sweetest Response On Camera

When you sing to your baby, you create a bond with just your voice and their presence. It is the simplest and earliest way for your child to know that you love them.

Maybe that’s why this precious little girl can’t help but smile whenever she hears her mother’s voice. Who can blame her anyway? This little one’s mom is none other than Carissa Alvarado of Us the Duo. Known all over the internet for her soothing vocals, Carissa serenades her daughter with a chilling rendition of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, American folk group Us the Duo is an internet sensation. The couple, consisting of Carissa Alvarado and her husband, Michael are known for their epic mashups and covers of popular songs. They set up their singing roots on Vine. But as time went by, Us the Duo branched to other social media channels and built up a large following. The couple would eventually appear on Season 13 of America’s Got Talent where they finished in the semifinals. Among their biggest fans? None other than Oprah Winfrey! The talk show host booked the duo for a tour after listening to their song “No Matter Where You Are”.

Professional career aside, Carissa and Michael are just like any other couple. They met in 2011 during a friend’s video shoot. After a mere three hours of being introduced, Michael declared that he was marrying Carissa one day. Not only did that come true a few years later, but the pair also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Xyla.

Xyla is clearly at the center of her mom and dad’s world. The couple proudly shares photos and videos of her on their social media accounts. It just calls to show how blessed they are to have each other.

In the heartwarming clip, Carissa can be heard singing to her bundle of joy. Xyla is clearly savouring the moment with that huge smile on her face. What makes the whole thing even sweeter is that Carissa is holding Xyla’s hand with her pinky finger. It is a beautiful mother-daughter bonding that we can’t help but fall in love with.

Moments like this make us realize that the best things in life are free. We hope to see more of Xyla in the future and may she grow up to be as loving and talented as her mom and dad.

Enjoy this sweet serenade and prepare to let out a huge “aww” the minute little Xyla cracks a smile.


Religious Lunch Lady Asked On Steve Harvey Show Sobs When He Calls Her Out On Stage Before Crowd

In fact, Debra’s childhood experiences at church have led her to dish up something even bigger than the homeless in her neighborhood could have ever imaged! She thought she was doing a good thing, but after she showed up on Steve Harvey’s show to talk about her unique contribution to the world, he made her weep by calling her out in front of millions.

Although she has a super big heart when it comes to the homeless, Debra doesn’t follow the status quo by volunteering her time in a soup kitchen or a shelter. Instead, she wakes up at an ungodly hour every morning so that she can create some edible magic with her own version of “meals on wheels.”

“I get up (at) 3:30 in the morning and I prepare the food and everything and I put it in the car… I go to work, and then when I get off of work I go feed the homeless from say 1 o’clock to like 6 o’clock.”
This dedicated and passionate woman makes no money with her other part time “job.” She even reaches down into her own pocket and spends her own money to buy all that food!

Debra was driving an old ’76 Chevy Malibu to transport all the food she made, but last summer a group of auto shop students refurbished her car when it was on its last legs. After a GoFund campaign snowballed and raised over $27K, she now has a reliable 2014 Mazda3 to make her homeless food deliveries with some style and flair!

Her kindness invited lots of welcome attention, and after Steve Harvey got wind of her good deeds, she landed an interview on his show. Debra told him that she does whatever she can, including collecting cans and bottles that she can recycle for cash, which helps fund her cause.

To thank her for her selfless service, Steve Harvey and Sam’s Club surprised Debra with a $5,000 check. He told her that he knew she was “going to do the right thing with it.”

“The Bible says if I love the Lord, I’ll feed His people. So I’m just doing what the Lord asked me to do. I’m just a servant.”
This wonderful woman is more than just a faithful servant with a heart of gold. She listened to and answered a higher calling, and is now a role model for millions of others around the world.

There’s an Auntie Debra in all of us that’s just itching to answer the call to serve others.