Young Man Nervously Stands Before 100 Judges Only To Have Them All Leap To Their Feet Dancing With Song Choice

When you’re going to an audition, there are two things you can do. One, you can sing a song that you’re extremely comfortable with so you don’t risk committing any mistake. Or two, you can sing a song that’s out of your comfort zone but will allow you to showcase your vocal power.

For Michael Rice, however, he chose to stick with a song he’s comfortable with and his decision paid off. With Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary,” he was able to impress not just one but 100 judges.

At first, Michael was really nervous about his performance. That’s not really surprising as he performed in front of 100 people from the different corners of the music industry. Plus, there’s the pressure of beating 3 more contestants in the round.

With the first few notes of the song, he was able to instantly capture the attention of the judges. In fact, they were really happy to hear the song. Each of them started clapping and swaying to the beat.

And when the song came to the more upbeat part, more and more judges started getting up to dance. That’s when Michael got an instant boost in his self-esteem and started to feel more comfortable on stage.

The result? He was able to impress all 100 judges!

Michael isn’t new when it comes to auditioning in singing competitions. In 2014, he joined the 11th season of The X Factor in the UK. He entered the show with a Whitney Houston classic, “I Look to You”. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get past the Bootcamp stage.

That didn’t stop Michael from pursuing his passion and dreams. After getting a 100 score in Heat 1 of All Together Now, he was able to win the competition by impressing 94 judges with his cover of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

After he won the competition, Michael is set for bigger things. He is set to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel. He will perform “Bigger than Us”

Michael and his story is just an example of how a person should do everything in his will to fulfill his dreams. You may face obstacles along the way and you may experience defeat at some point but those things shouldn’t stop you from working hard and doing your best. You shouldn’t even doubt yourself and what you can really do with your talent. And if you hear negative things from other people, just ignore them completely.

Michael’s performance is truly motivating and inspiring for anyone working hard for his dreams.