Young Man Electrifies Crowd With Bon Jovi Megahit Forcing Judges To Slam Buzzer Within 1st Notes

When you’re singing a really popular song in a blind audition, you need to be able to do either of two things to catch the judges’ attention. One is that you have to sing the song as perfectly as the original singer has done or two, you need to be able to do something with the song to make it your own.

For Matthias Nebel the choice was easy. From the moment he planned on auditioning to the time he decided what song to perform, he knew what to do to force the coaches to turn around for him.

And with how well he has performed on stage, the judges didn’t really wait for his last note before all of them pressed their buttons. The moment Matthias unleashed the rocker in himself, the judges got lost in his performance. They were singing along and were clearly having a great time!

Matthias performed one of Bon Jovi’s most popular songs “Bed of Roses.” Hearing the first few notes of the song, the judges have already shown interest in Matthias. And when he reached the higher parts of the song, two of the judges instantly hit their buttons. The other two didn’t wait that long to press theirs either.

Seeing all four judges turned, Matthias’ band mates, stepbrother, and father were all ecstatic. They were happily cheering him on. Matthias ended up with coach Michael Patrick Kelly who also happened to be a huge Bon Jovi fan.

“Bed of Roses” was officially released as a single in 1993 by the American rock band Bon Jovi. It was written by the band’s lead Jon Bon Jovi in a hotel room. Considering the band’s success as a glam metal band during the 1980s, the release of this single gave them a newer and more mature sound. Its power ballad style made them a lot more popular and the song instant reached the Billboard Hot 100’s 10th spot.

Bon Jovi have produced songs that made waves worldwide. Some of their popular songs include “Livin’ On A Prayer”, “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “Always”, “Bad Medicine”, “I’ll Be There for You”, and “It’s My Life.”

Matthias, also known as Matt Valentine, has an intense passion for music. He performs as a rock singer and goes on tours with his band in Austria. He works as a lifeguard and community servant.

Matthias’ performance is truly a delight for any rock and Bon Jovi fan.


Daddy Tries To Get 6 Babies Ready For Bed As Baby In Pink Unleashes Counter Attack That Has Mommy Losing It

He prepares the babies for bedtime by making sure the diapers, the pajamas, the swaddles, and the towels are all laid out. The main challenge in this delightful nighttime routine is that some of his babies can’t keep still yet which means he has to deal with the babies touching the other things assembled for the task. When one baby has been changed and dressed, he or she would then clumsily approach the clothes and the diapers prepared by the dad. Fortunately, the other kids are a bit older and make the task seemingly more manageable for the dad.

The wonder dad has to keep a close eye on the babies that have been prepared for bedtime while he continues to take care of the rest of the kids. Talk about having one’s hands full! He doesn’t look like he minds at all, though. If you had children as cute as his, we’re guessing you wouldn’t see the task as tedious either. The babies, while waiting for their other siblings, have no problem playing contentedly.

Taking care of children can be tiring especially after a long day, but it has to be one of the most fulfilling tasks in the world. In preparing the children for bedtime, the dad can play with them, listen to their stories, and just enjoy the time spent with them before they’re tucked in.

There’s nothing like little faces looking up at you with big smiles as you tend to their needs.

Hats off to this super dad who makes preparing six kids for bed look like a fun adventure!