Dog Struts Into Store With A “Christmas Mission” Leaving The Internet Doubled Over

While it’s shameful to admit, nearly every all of us can say we’ve taken something that isn’t ours at one point in our lives. No matter if it’s on purpose or a total accident, stealing leaves you with a pang of guilt that can’t pass until you fess up to your wrongdoings – at least that’s the case for most of us. We need to set things straight if we ever want to get a good night’s sleep again!

But there’s one literal sly dog who doesn’t get the same type of butterflies in his stomach when he does something wrong. Instead, he waltzes right into the place like he owns the joint, cases the aisles and selects the tastiest treat for himself. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little confidence and sneaky paws!

Even though the pup left undetected by the human eye, there was something watching: the shop’s security camera.

The surveillance camera caught this clever dog as he entered a store with one mission in mind – he was determined to get himself a yummy Christmas treat. The furry bandit obviously knew Santa was on his way soon, so he got overly excited and snagged himself an early present. Can we blame him?

His mind raced as he contemplated the perfect Christmas treat. Would a steak be best? Or would a bag of dog treats be better?

Thankfully, the cameras kept rolling as the sneaky pup paced the aisles looking for the good stuff. He was clearly focused on the mission at-hand.

Surprisingly, the pups walked past the meat aisle and headed straight for the dog food. The four-legged thief quickly sniffed out the aisle with delicious rawhide bones and proceeded to grab one for himself. He wasn’t wasting any time when he could be caught in such a red-pawed manner!

Without another thought, the pup sped out the door, leaving all shop’s workers rolling with laughter. There was no way they could stop such a sweet (and sly) Christmas.

This hilarious clip is clear proof even animals enjoy a Christmas present or two! So, keep this sneaky pupper in mind when you’re jotting down your Christmas list – you don’t want to leave your beloved pup to run amuck around town, nabbing bones and causing a scene!

Take a peek at this silly doggy caper below. Now he has to wait until Christmas for the rest of his gifts. No peeking!


Nervous Groom Turns For 1st Look At Bride Unaware Of Plot Twist Changing Outcome Of Big Day

These days, modern brides and grooms have come up with their own unique way of capturing the groom’s first look at his bride on the day of the wedding. Most of them sneak off with their photographer just to make sure that the groom’s first reactions are caught by the camera and turned into a keepsake the couple can keep for a really long time after.

Brianne Dennis, however, had something better- and funnier- in mind. When her groom, David Hoffman, turned around to finally take a look at his bride, he saw something he’d never expected to see on his wedding day.

Instead of his bride-to-be wearing a really classy and stylish wedding gown, he saw a bearded man wearing a white strapless gown with a veil attached. Imagine his laughter when he saw his very own best man in a wedding gown!

David shared in an interview:

“Right in that moment I was anxious. I was trying to calm my nerves because I was about to see my bride for the first time. I was expecting to see Brianne and I turned around to see Timmy in a wedding dress. He was pale and hairy and we love each other very much but not in that way. I was falling down laughing.”
It turned out that his bride-to-be decided on a few shenanigans on their wedding day. Initially, she was really against the idea, even after Timmy Horton, David’s best man, offered to do a few wedding jokes he’d seen online. A few days before the wedding, however, she gave in and changed her mind.

She said in the same interview:

“I really wanted a serious ceremony at first. I didn’t want any of their shenanigans on the day, but a few months down the road I changed my mind.”
The moment was truly hilarious. David couldn’t stop laughing while his best friend continued to play the part. They even got a really nice photo acting out as bride and groom!

After seeing the photos of the memorable yet funny event which was captured by their photographer, the bride didn’t feel any regret doing the prank. In fact, she was really happy that they did it as it was so hilarious. Their wedding photographer also happened to be a close friend of the couple.

To see the groom’s hilarious first look at his “bride”, you can watch the entire video below: