Woman Wants To Get Rid Of Her Sick Dog, So She Drops Him At Groomer & Vanishes

A pet grooming service called “The Secret Garden Pet Resort” went to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) asking for help regarding an abandoned pet. They provided a surveillance video of the woman who left her sick English Bulldog with them and never returned.

In this video, a woman in a gray shirt and an eye-patch can be seen talking at the counter with her dog on leash. She gave her name as Melanie Wichester and her dog’s name as “William Katz”. But upon further investigations, the cops found that “Melanie Wichester” was a fake name that didn’t exist in the database.

The Bulldog is a senior pooch. He is covered in pressure sores and also suffering from skin, eye and ear infections. He might possibly need a surgery. He will be transferred to “Long Island Bulldog Rescue” for further treatment.

The cops are now interviewing neighbors in hopes of identifying this woman. The woman is Caucasian, is in her mid-forties, red-haired and about 5’6”. Cops have asked the public to help if they know anything in relation to this woman. Share this story and help identify this irresponsible woman.