Dog & Baby Eye Last Piece Of Chicken Only When Baby Reaches For It Dogs Reaction Goes Viral

You know that feeling when you really love eating a certain food and it all comes down to the last delicious bite? Don’t you just love to be the one who gets it, savor its scrumptiousness and feel the satisfaction of nibbling it. Well we’ve all been there. And even our beloved pets love it too!

Just like this adorable dog who was eyeing the last piece of chicken on the table. However, the piece of food was in the middle of the table and his paws could not reach it. Fortunately, one cutie was there to save the day!

Beau, the dog in the footage, was really looking intently at the chicken piece, as if willing it to move towards him. But, it was not going to move on its own, of course. Noticing that the animal was interested in the food, little Sam hurriedly went to get the piece of chicken, seemingly trying to get the food before the dog could.


As the little tot neared the table and he and Beau stood side by side Beau also hurriedly went on the side, as if racing to get to the food first! When Sam reached out for the piece of chicken nobody expected the adorable baby to do what he did!

Instead of getting the food for himself or trying to stop Beau from getting it little Sam helped the dog in reaching for the last piece of chicken on the table! It was really an unexpected gesture that was luckily caught on camera. This little baby is not racing against Beau after all. He was actually trying to help him.

He took the food in his little, chubby hands and handed it over to the lovely dog. The dog was definitely pleased and he happily munched on the piece of chicken. What a lovely sight, indeed! Sam was absolutely adorable and his intention to make Beau happy was very endearing.

What Sam did was quite unexpected for a child his age. Seeing that he wanted to share with his furry pal was quite amazing! His care for Beau is obviously there and the dog is pleased with what Sam did for him.

The footage shows a satisfied Beau and Sam standing side by side and both of them enjoying each other’s presence.

What the boy did might just be a simple act but it definitely spoke volumes about how little Sam is going to be when he grows up: a kind boy.