Cow Escapes Truck On Way To Slaughterhouse Making Headlines When Rescuer Learns Secret She’s Been Keeping

You’ve probably heard the beef industry’s famous slogan, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” Or, you might even remember Wendy’s restaurant famous ad campaign from the 80’s, where a funny little granny inspected a competitor’s tiny hamburger patty and complained, “Where’s the beef?” Well, if you’re the poor cow at the other end of all that food, the last thing you want in life is to be served up as supper!

So, when Brianna the cow sensed that she was about to meet an untimely ending, which was literally less than 10 minutes away, she made a leap of faith and hurled herself eight feet off a slaughterhouse truck. Although she wanted to live out the rest of her days as a happy cow, she also had another reason for making the dangerous move. This brave bovine had a secret that no one knew about, and she wasn’t about to let anything get in the way of her daring escape!

Runaway cows aren’t something commuters see every day, but Brianna must have been quite the sight when she vamoosed herself down a New Jersey highway! News footage showed her roaming around Interstate-80 after she jumped off a double-decker transport, and it took hours for police to get the 1,000 pound cow girl under control.

After Brianna was recaptured, the owner was kind enough to release her to the care of Sklyands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, where she joined 70 other cows who probably had similar stories of saving their own skin. We tend to think of cows as food, but they are sentient creatures who have feelings, and they want to the chance to have a peaceful existence just like the rest of us. In Brianna’s case, though, she had an even greater reason for risking her life.

Soon after she settled in to her happy new digs at the sanctuary, staff members were greeted with a sweet surprise. Brianna was pregnant, and the proud mama gave birth just as soon as it was safe to do so! Mike Stura, the sanctuary’s founder, wrote on Facebook:

“Brianna is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl named, Winter ?????? she came to us at 1:30pm on 12/29/2018. You can hear my voice change when I say ‘Hi baby, that is because I saw Winter open her eyes for the first time and look right at me. Easily one the most incredible things I’ve ever been involved in, but also extremely nerve racking because the Dr. hadn’t gotten here yet.”
He also said that Brianna was a “proud mother” in the Facebook post.

When you’re working the other side of the cattle industry, trying to save cows instead of eating them, the thought of what could have happened to Brianna if she hadn’t escaped is pretty heartbreaking.

“She’s never had freedom, she’d been impregnated about nine months ago, and had already lost her home and her family, but that wasn’t enough, EVERYTHING was about to be stolen from her, her beautiful baby, and her life.”
This determined mama literally jumped at the chance to be able to raise and nurture her baby, and now the bonded pair are safe and sound. As for the foreseeable future, Mike says that unlike what happens on feed lots, Brianna and Winter will never be without each other ever again.

Brianna and her adorable baby calf Winter are full of love and cuddles!